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As a supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services to solutions providers to the Defense and Space Industries Hunter Technology is the worlds only trustworthy and reliable Vertically Integrated ITAR, ISO and Mil Spec EMS Partner.  As a service to the Defense and Space Industry and to it’s suppliers Hunter Technology has partnered with iConnect007 and Global Legal Services to bring you this information.
Topics discussed on this site, in the whitepapers, webinars and in the Q&A section include:

  • U.S. Agency Law and Regulations
  • Key Elements of U.S. Export Controls
  • What Triggers U.S. Export Controls for Your Company?
  • Key Elements to Consider in Selling or Procuring Electronic Manufacturing Services or Printed Circuit Boards Overseas
  • Who Qualifies as a “Dual National”?
  • Illustration of “Chain of Custody” in Procuring Electronic Manufacturing Services from a Domestic Source
  • Illustration of “Chain of Custody” in Procuring Electronic Manufacturing Services from a Foreign Manufacturer
  • Illustration of “Chain of Custody” in Selling to a Foreign Customer
  • What ITAR Export Authorization Do I Need?
  • Key Elements to Consider in Using Foreign National Employees
  • Personality Traits of a Good Export Control Manager
  • Element of an Effective Export Control Compliance Program
  • Penalties for Export

ITAR: Understanding the Risk
Failure to be informed in this complex area of international trade can cause serious harm to your company. Stay on top of the rules and regulations governing Defense Trade and the fast-paced evolution of defense export licensing and compliance Download this PDF ITAR paper describing your risks.

Hunter Technology is proud to bring you the ITAR Best Practices on-demand webinar.

You will learn how to enhance your interaction with U.S. Government agencies involved in Defense Trade Controls and how to avoid licensing delays or penalties over issues that can easily be prevented. This event will also assist you in steering clear of the legal liabilities associated with Defense Trade non-compliance.
After attending ITAR: Best Practices, you will be better able to ensure your company complies with ITAR law and is not committing any violations. There
is a large chasm between the myth that ITAR does not apply to commercial firms and the reality of post-9/11 ITAR enforcement and supply chain restrictions. Many firms are now learning that products and technologies thought to be purely commercial/industrial in nature may actually be subject to control under ITAR.

Who Should Attend: Any company involved in the military supply chain.

About the Speaker:
This webinar was conducted by Gary Stanley, president of Global Legal Services, a Washington, DC-based law firm focusing on trade compliance and other international business issues. Stanley represents, among others, numerous U.S., Canadian, and European companies on defense export control issues. (More)
About Hunter Technology:
The Trustworthy and Reliable Provider of Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services to the Military, Aerospace and Medical Industries - Vertically Integrated ITAR, ISO and Mil Spec Services Including PCB Design, Fabrication, Assembly & Test.  Hunter Technology provides a full range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) including: Printed Circuit Board Design & LayoutPCB FabricationPCB AssemblyContract ManufacturingTest & Systems Integration. Hunter's high reliability new product introduction (NPI) center is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Hunter offers a fully integrated solution insuring you a competitive edge. Hunter's breadth of operations provide you with the ability to source everything from quick-turn prototypes to volume production directly from a single manufacturer.

About iConnect007:
I-Connect007 is the industry's longest running, real-time magazine providing information for readers around the world. Our mission is to consolidate pertinent industry information, to expand the reader's knowledge and improve their businesses. We also seek to foster communication throughout the global electronics supply chain, connecting designers, fabricators, contract manufacturers and OEMs. Information is presented in "real time" by industry sector in the form of electronic articles, interviews, news, market reports, event coverage, and breaking news stories.


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